Illustration for article titled PAX West 2016 Final Omegathon just did The Wizard and Nobodys Talking About It

I’ve waited a while now, checked Kotaku and TAY, for any reaction or news of what was the most exciting tweet from a convention I didn’t go to.


Those maniacs. They went and did it. That thing we all compared Omegathon to, they went and recreated the dream. So why haven’t I heard anyone talk about it.


For starters I wasn’t there, so I’m really asking here. What happened? Was it the disappointment of a lifetime? Did everyone forget about The Wizard? Was it not newsworthy?

They posted the video (starts 15 minutes in):


Sure, neither contestant was a Mario savant, but that amazing. Every PAX Omegathon final round is reliving that one moment from The Wizard.

For reference to everyone who has no clue what I’m talking about:

But, maybe nostalgia is just getting to me and I’m a newly crotchety old man yelling at clouds.

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